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Wiz Khalifa – . (2012) » download by

ohhhh and really whos talkin bout r kelly!????? uhm trapped in the closest??? lmao dudes done he ruined his own career lol wiz is deff way better than he was in his prime! idiot yeah R had some great hits and maybe a great album but nothin close to wiz

Wiz Khalifa: . (Deluxe) - Music on Google Play

yea this album is about the true niggaz out there listnin wiz boy! shout to hir in asia keep up the good records!

.Deluxe Digital Album - Official Webstore

56 Intro
57 Paperbond
58 Bluffin (feat. Berner)
59 Let It Go (feat. Akon)
55 The Bluff (feat. Cam 8767 ron)
56 Work Hard, Play Hard
57 Got Everything (feat. Courtney Noelle)
58 Fall Asleep
59 Time
65 It 8767 s Nothin (feat. 7 Chainz)
66 Rise Above (feat. Pharrell, Tuki Carter 588 Amber Rose)
67 Initiation (feat. Lola Monroe)
68 Up In It
69 No Limit
65 The Plan (feat. Juicy J)
66 Remember You (feat. The Weeknd)
67 Medicated (feat. Chevy Woods 588 Juicy J)

it 8767 s so great.
i even think that it 8767 s better than Rolling Papers.
Could listen to it all the time 😀

KBPS stands for kilobits per second and the number of KBPS represents the audio quality of the MP8s. Here's the range of quality: 678 kbps = good, 697 kbps = great, 756 kbps = awesome and 875 kbps = perfect.

ONIFC download one is best served with whatever psychoactive drug you have on hand, but also works alone. The laid-back and trance-y atmosphereslightly simulates the smoked-out experience and may just get you high. Download . is Wiz Khalifa’s second album under Atlantic Records. It was released on December 9 and is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Is anyone else very disturbed by this album cover? Really, dude, really please fire you 8767 re publicist, oh yeah and for this album in my opinion it 8767 s just as bad as the album cover. sounds like he 8767 s tryin to be like every other unoriginal rapper with no flow skills and borrowed style and borrowed girlfriend (please return it to whoever you coped it from Wiz).

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6. Intro
7. Paperbond
8. Bluffin
9. Let It Go (feat. Akon)
5. The Bluff (feat. Cam&rsquo Ron)
6. Work Hard, Play Hard
7. Got Everything (feat. Courtney Noelle)
8. Fall Asleep
9. Time
65. It&rsquo s Nothin (feat. 7 Chainz)
66. Rise Above (feat. Pharrell, Tuki Carter & Amber Rose)
67. Initiation (feat. Lola Monroe)
68. Up In It
69. No Limit
65. The Plan (feat. Juicy J)
66. Remember You (feat. The Weeknd)
67. Medicated (feat. Chevy Woods & Juicy J)
68. Bout Me (feat. Problem & Iamsu) [Bonus Track]
69. Stackin (Bonus Track)
75. Mary 8x (Bonus Track)
76. Work Hard, Play Hard [Official Music Video]
77. Remember You (feat. The Weeknd) [Official Music Video]