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Check out the silly video 8775 infomercial 8776 that explains the book in more detail. Warning: This video gets crazier the longer you watch.

The free online ophthalmology book!

it 8767 s very interesting! I learned this book from a BBS. I wish more and more ophthalmologist would find it and love it in our country.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Revan (Star Wars: The Old

Pls kindly post video of how to effectively use the BINOCULAR INDIRECT OPHTHALMOSCOPE. This technique is confusing to me.

Africa South of the Sahara: Democratic Republic of the Congo
List of annotated links to DRC related information by Stanford University.

BBC Country Profile: DRC

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hello dr.
I am a student of medical sience in iran
i search my problem in your site and i find them.
i useing your video for my presentation in my class
you have Great book…very informative and very intresting
i love all your video lecture ..

god of almighty Tim you truly are amazing. Well done. I wish there was one of you in every specialty! (Do you have any clones working in Neurology?!)

Hi Dr. Root! What you did, especially with the videos is amazing! I wanna thank you for making the videos because it really helps in my reviews for the board exams. Me and my classmates benefit from your vids so much.

Tim, what an outstanding piece of work. You make and eye an interesting organ to explore and understand. This I call Ophthalmology Bible.

Great book,congratulations!!
Thank you very much for your huge effort,it 8767 s really amazing,
keep it that way 🙂

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