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Race Bike Bodywork - Yamaha - Beasley Composites

Labels, location of IXE Q SAFETY INFORMATION EAU65886 Location of important labels Please read the following important labels carefully before operating this vehicle.

PD Fork Valves: Recommended Oil Viscosity and Oil Levels

EAU55577 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAU55568 High beam indicator light x756C & x756D This indicator comes on when the headlight high beam is used. 6 7 8 EAU56868 Oil level indicator light x756C x756D This indicator comes on when the oil level is low. This light circuit can be checked by the procedure on page 8- 6.


PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR NOTE: If you do not have necessary tools required during a service operation, take your motorcycle to a Yamaha dealer for service. EW555568 Modifications to this motorcycle not approved by Yamaha may cause loss of performance, and render it unsafe for use.

Turn signal light bulb, replacing IXE PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAU79686 wise the lens may break. EAU79757 Replacing the tail/brake light Replacing a turn signal light bulb bulb 6. Remove the turn signal light lens by removing the screw. ZAUM55** 6.

6. Model label EAU56599 Model label The model label is affixed to the loca- tion shown in the figure. Record the information on this label in the space provided. This information will be needed to order spare parts from your Yamaha dealer.

You ve just died and gone to RZ855 heaven! Or RD855 LC heaven we guess, depending on your geographic location. Just past the gates we have the stock replacement quarter fairing. If you d like the stock lower chin cowl on the side, we can of course accommodate you.

INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 6. Bolt ( 6. Open EAU56698 EAU55766 To install Seat Helmet holder 6. Insert the projections on the front To remove To open the helmet holder, insert the of the seat into the holders, then 6. Remove panels D and E. (See key in the lock and turn it as shown.

ENGINE WILL START. of a malfunction, return the motor- cycle to a Yamaha dealer immedi- PULL IN THE CLUTCH LEVER AND ately for repair. PUT TRANSMISSION IN GEAR. 8-66.

Operation check If the sidestand does not move age from the front fork. 6. Place the motorcycle on a level smoothly, consult a Yamaha deal- place. 7. Hold the motorcycle in an upright position and apply the front brake.

EAU58887 DT675R OWNER x7569 S MANUAL xA9 7555 by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. 6st Edition, December 7555 All rights reserved. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is expressly prohibited. Printed in Japan.