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The Miracle - St. Michael''s Garabandal Center

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At first, I get unique peppery ginger and bold floral, with a hint of litchi to sweeten the deal.

Once settled, the mandarin cuts through the floral, reigning Miracle in from the brink of turning into a bouquet of freesia and jasmine. At the heart of the fragrance, musky amber matures the scent into a sophisticated spicy, yet clean smelling ultra feminine floral.

Miracle is certainly unique, however the close to the skin sillage and reasonably good lasting power lend the scent the characteristics needed to be the perfect office scent.

American Rhetoric: Movie Speech from Miracle - Coach

A girly scent for a woman.

delicately sweet, soft with out fluffy.

Would be considered by most inoffensive.

A safe gift choice, an everyday perfume.
lovely and understated.

A great feminie all rounder.

Recording audio interviews with Skype | Miracle Tutorials

I used to wear this fragrance a about 7-8 years ago, and I was receiving many compliments when wearing it. But with time, I realized this fragrance just wasn''t "me". Miracle makes me think of a very confident and modern professional woman. I don''t know why, but I specifically think of this kind of woman when smelling Miracle. To me, it''s a very modern fragrance -- just not me.

i had a sample of this once, thought it was nice but didn''t take too much notice, maybe it wasn''t for me. But the other day smelt it on a friend at work and it was fab..a pretty smell but quite strong and lingering with a sexy kick of musk. worth another try perhaps?

Amazing fragrance, one of the few (beside Cristalle) I both more then 8 times. When I went to a party people who were talking to me always had to interrupt me with ''My god, what are you wearing, you smell fantastic!'' I think that says enough..

I had up til today never worn this or even checked notes, just a quick spritz here and there because its well known. I even thought this would be a soft flowery perfume , just like SJP Lovely. Though it has some flowers - this is more about the pepper, pepper and pepper. So this actually suits me. More than Lovely didn''t do, by stella resembles this. Don'' t know what notes does that, but that warmth with a kind of awkwardnes that LILY has, Miracle got too. I could wear this - sure but there are to many that already does and to be honest I prefer Stellas !
The bottle is simple but classy and I am surprised this has tricked me for years.

I am so NOT a pie crust kind of girl but I do like that this one is like a giant sugar cookie, because I AM a cookie kind of girl!

Such a nice and refreshing scent,it''s unbelievable. Pure and innocent to the core. It''s the scent of an angel : too lovely to dislike it and too neat to be unforgettable.

When I wanna give my nose a break after lots of incense/spices/saffrons etc. and just smell fresh, nice and clean -yet still quality with a little depth and good sillage- all day long after a shower, this is still and so far the best choice I can think of.

This is among my earliest faves. It smells like a very feminine lotion. I never had a full sized bottle but I finished a mini. It smells juicy and slightly floral. Soft and very girly.

The very first edition was divine. The sample I got later was sweeter and syrupy. I moved on.

BBW''s Country Chic kind of reminds me of this. As well as Kate Moss''s Velvet Hour. They are not the same but they have the same lotion-y feel.

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