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If you consistently move your body through a certain range of motion, your body will reinforce and protect it. It becomes the 8775 new normal. 8776

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I didn’t really understand how to stretch before or how to breathe while stretching. Grouping of specific areas also helped a lot because I didn’t understand that before either! Also the videos are short and to the point which is great because stretching is boring enough without having to listen to someone talk about it for hours or having to fast forward to the relevant parts. I really liked the format.

It lays out cookie cutter routines and promises that if you follow them, you 8767 ll somehow hit your personal goals for your unique body.

Standard energy, unmagnetized sheets engineered specifically for today 8767 s newest digital presses. These products are RIT certified, and have been thoroughly tested and approved by press manufacturers such as Xerox, HP, and Kodak.

You’ve now figured out your personal goal, identified your restrictions, and improved your approach to stretching by toning it down. The last, but not least, thing to do is to follow a consistent plan of attack and do it as regularly as you can.

That 8767 s why we created our own 8775 special sauce 8776 stretching protocol for our Focused Flexibility program. We took the two most effective stretching methods we 8767 ve found and combined them to help your body quickly access new ranges of motion and get comfortable using and resting in those ranges.

How do you differentiate instruction in your classroom? Do you use Flexible Grouping? Share with us in comment section below, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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